Advice for Nurses on Their First Day

At AMC Healthcare, we understand that with passion to save lives, comes a great deal of patience, responsibility, and dedication. Whilst this can be a challenging journey, it is also extremely rewarding, helping patients, their families, and in a lot of cases literally saving lives. The benefits being a nurse, makes this career path worth it not only for your patients, but for you and the whole country.

Life After Nursing School

You have completed your training and education, now its time to put your skills to the test in a real healthcare environment. Regardless of where your starting point may be, whether that is in a hospital, care home or another healthcare setting, it is important to prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally for the next chapter of your career.

Starting your career in healthcare can be both exhilarating and extremely nerve wracking, but today, we are here to help you through any anxiety you may have, with advice on how to navigate your first day as a nurse.

How To Navigate Your First Day as a Nurse

Stay calm

When working in healthcare, there is a significant amount of pressure and stress associated with the responsibilities involved. In the environment you are going to be working in, panicking is not going to help anyone, there are ways to cope with this stress. Staying calm is extremely important in the healthcare sector because we can make certain mistakes when overwhelmed. Therefore, effectively manage and distribute your workload based on your known ability to ensure that you oversee your tasks.

Be organised

Being well prepared, in any situation, is key to a successful start to your career. Review given materials; familiarise yourself with the facilities policies and procedures, and any given information necessary for maximum comfort, for you and your patients. Punctuality is always important, especially in healthcare, so if there is an issue you must tend to, ensure you can be there, and on time for the best possible outcome.

Listen and learn

Nobody is going to be upset with your questions, regardless of how many you ask, whether that be two or two hundred. Despite completing your official training, being a nurse means learning 24/7 both on, and off the job. Everyone will be more comfortable with knowing that you are confident with what you are doing. Comfort is the answer, especially in cases like these, where you are going to be in a vulnerable environment.

Effective communication

Communication is key. Communicate everything,: concerns, problems, possibilities etc. There is never going to be severe issues in a working environment if the communication around you is clear and effective. How many problems do you know start with ineffective communication? Ineffective communication creates a lot of unnecessary problems, especially in a working environment. For example, being late to work. Let the right colleague know so if it is an urgent issue needed to be tended to, it can be done with less issues. The better the communication, the smoother the road.

What Is The Next Step?

Your first day as a nurse is the beginning of a remarkable journey. It is valid to feel the mixture of emotions you must be feeling, but with a positive mindset, we know you can do it. Nursing is not just a job; it holds a great level of compassion and devotion.

Here at AMC Healthcare, we push you to embrace the challenges, learn from your mistakes, and thrive on behalf of not only your journey, but also your patients. Your patients need a heavy amount of support and comfort, and providing them with this, regardless of the kind of position they may be in is extremely worthwhile and gratifying for you both.

We have a variety of roles available to help you begin and progress in your nursing career. Discover them here.

Good luck on your first day, and we hope your rewarding career in nursing starts with us!

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