International Women’s Day: AMC Healthcare's Emphasis on Equal Opportunities

International Women’s Day (IWD) has been celebrated annually since March 8th, 1908, marking the day that 15,000 women came together to march for women’s rights in New York City. The world comes together in unity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, as well as the difficulties faced to gain the rights they have today.

AMC Healthcare are eager to educate both our own employees and the individuals we work with on the importance of International Women’s Day. The theme for this year is #InspireInclusion so continuing to promote the diversity of our workforce is one of our top priorities.


History of IWD:

In 1903, a group called the Suffragettes were formed out of the ‘Votes for Women’ campaign that had fought for women to have equal rights to men. They used art, propaganda, and attack on property including window smashing and arson to fight for female suffrage. Emily Davidson, a British activist, who became a martyr to the cause of women’s suffrage, ran onto a racetrack during the 1913 Epsom Derby, and was trampled by Kind George V’s horse, which struck her while galloping in full force. This was an attempt to wrap a suffragette badge around the Kings horse, as she knew it was the most photographed. Emily never gained consciousness and died 4 days later.

Emily was not the only Suffragette to suffer for protesting. Thousands of Suffragettes were imprisoned, tortured, and beaten by police and bystanders. Those imprisoned didn’t stop there; many started a hunger-strike, which led to the government introducing a policy of force-feeding those taking part.

If it wasn’t for these women’s bravery over 100 years ago, AMC Healthcare wouldn’t have the incredibly talented women working for our agency like we do today. We are incredibly proud of what women have achieved over the last 100 years, and we hope we can help the women working, to improve the UK’s healthcare and acknowledge everything they do for us.


Challenging Gender Stereotypes:

Society often spreads harsh gender norms and stereotypes that often limit women’s capabilities and opportunities and harm the ideology of equality. It’s extremely important that we all work together to challenge these stereotypes and create safe spaces for everyone to be unapologetically themselves, regardless of their gender.

It’s crucial to realise that all women have a different experience. We need to acknowledge the hardships that may come with being a woman and what so many have been through in the past to gain the rights we have now and be grateful for the sacrifices made. We must strive for a more inclusive environment that uplifts all women, especially those facing multiple forms of discrimination. It’s extremely important that we all work together to challenge these stereotypes and create safe spaces for everyone to be unapologetically themselves, regardless of their gender.


How to spread awareness:

If you’re wondering how, you can help spread awareness of this important celebration, AMC Healthcare have several suggestions as to how you play your part:

  1. Spread posts on social media regarding International Women’s Day (IWD) – A lot of people know about IWD, but not its exact date or purpose. Sharing posts on social media is a brilliant way to spread awareness about the history and the rights women have fought for, for centuries.
  2. Wear purple – A colour on the suffragette badge was purple, so wearing purple even centuries later can help women recognise that they’re heard and appreciated by not only women, but men too.
  3. Fundraise or donate to women-focused charity – Some charities you could donate to are Fawcett Society (Women’s Rights), Rights of Women (Confidential legal advice on domestic and sexual violence), Bloody Good Period (End poverty within menstrual cycles) and Girls Out Loud (focuses on empowering teenage girls in the UK)


We are immensely proud of the talented women who contribute to our agency and the broader healthcare sector. Yet, we recognise that gender stereotypes persist, limiting opportunities and perpetuating inequality. It is imperative that we challenge these stereotypes and create inclusive environments where everyone can thrive regardless of their gender.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, AMC Healthcare encourages everyone to spread awareness through social media, wearing purple to symbolise solidarity, and supporting women-focused charities. By collectively acknowledging the struggles and triumphs of women past and present, we can pave the way for a more equal and inclusive future.

Join AMC Healthcare in celebrating the achievements of women in our lives, acknowledging their contributions and committing to being advocates for bringing gender equality to this world.

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