Recognising Dedication: Nurse of the Month

At AMC Healthcare, we take great pride in recognising and celebrating the success of our staff. It’s for this reason that we have decided to reward these individuals who deserve to be praised for their loyalty.

Nurse of the Month

AMC Healthcare strives to provide only the best possible services to our healthcare professionals. We go to great extents to fulfil our clients and staff’s expectations of our services.

There are, however, some cases where our staff exceed our expectations and amaze us with their contributions. We have therefore collectively decided that each month, we will take great pride in highlighting one specific nurse for their individual brilliance.

Our Winner

It is with great pleasure to announce that AMC Healthcare’s first ever Nurse of The Month is… Anjanette Espero – Guianan!

Anjanette isn't just receiving this well-deserved recognition, but she is also earning a spot in the upcoming Quarterly Employee Award raffle. This opportunity could see her win a beautiful dinner for two. This is a perfect way to celebrate her unwavering dedication and hard work. Anjanette's proactive communication with her consultant, consistently sharing her availabilities in advance, reflects her strong commitment to organisational efficiency. Beyond her exceptional punctuality for every shift, Anjanette has garnered praise through consistently stellar reviews. Her remarkable work ethic and reliability have positioned her as a standout team member, contributing positively to the overall effectiveness of the team.

Rewarding Brilliance

The way is which we reward our nurses of the month is simple, yet extremely effective, especially when we are looking to motivate and engage nurses towards joining our agency and taking up more shifts. By recognising the hard work of our nurses, we are ensuring that the dedication they are currently putting into their work is continuous. Acknowledging nurses’ achievements with rewards such as these provides a sense of stability and reassurance; knowing that their excellence is not ignored.

We want our nurses to feel valued and appreciated when working within AMC Healthcare. We believe that hard work and rewards play a vital role on the road to success. How can you be motivated to do better without a little put-you-up every now and then?

Ultimately, we believe that our reward system will motivate our nurses to be the best they can be, and we want to show them as much support as possible, so they know we will be there every step of the way to provide them with any issues that cross their paths. It is in everyone’s best interest within the company to help our nurses through thick and thin because we are confident of their long-term success! Especially with the experience and guidance of AMC Healthcare.

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Think you have got what it takes to become our Nurse of the Month? Want to be recognised for your excellence? If you display a similar level dedication and hard work in your healthcare profession then, you too, can be our nurse of the month!

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