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Cutting edge shift booking software

AMC use Panther, an innovative software platform, to offer an unbeatable service to our clients and candidates. Read on to find out how Panther can make your life easier.

Benefits to our healthcare staff

AMC & Panther revolutionise agency work for healthcare staff, stripping away the hassle of paperwork and streamlining your work life. Say goodbye to paper timesheets – with our digital timesheet feature, a digital signature on your mobile device confirms your hours, instantly authorising your shift.

This means faster, error-free payroll processing you can rely on. Plus, with Panther's Web App, managing your schedule is a breeze, allowing you to view your worked shifts and track future ones. You can also share your upcoming availability with your consultant to take control of your work-life balance.

Benefits to our clients

Experience the power of precision with Panther's digital timesheet system. Designed for reliability and efficiency, our system revolutionises how work hours are recorded and verified. With digital signatures and GPS stamps, each timesheet is a mark of authenticity, ensuring healthcare professionals are exactly where they need to be. This tracking offers our clients unparalleled peace of mind, as every billed service is accurately documented.

Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of handling paper timesheets. Panther's digital solution is all about simplicity and speed, seamlessly integrating with payroll systems for quick digital sign-offs. This means less time on admin and more on what matters, ensuring healthcare staff are paid accurately and on time.


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